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0spam DNSBL IPv4

Any time spam is sent to their servers or spam traps an IP will be listed in the 0spam dnsbl with the data code of 127.0.0.#, when spam is sent from multiple ip's within a class C range to our servers or spam traps the entire class C range will be listed with a 127.0.#.0 data code. This DNSBL service will not list larger than C class.

For reporting a fix on your server and requesting it be removed from 0spam black listing service. You must provide an explanation of what has been done to make sure they do not receive reports of spam from your IP Address/Range in the future. The removal request form is in the bottom of their webpage

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We keep some statistics on blacklists. Below is the graph for We test blacklists by asking them to respond to known IP's that are blacklisted and known IP's that can't be blacklisted. Not every blacklist has such IP's, we test them with what is possible. We keep if we get any response or error messages and the response duration. Lower response times are better. These statistics may be useful for email server administrators to pick which blacklist to use.

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