Blacklist in detail:

This blacklist is marked as inactive and is not being checked at the moment. We will be tracking it to see if it goes to normal again. IPv4 is an independent RBL originating from France. It uses spam traps to determine the spammers. It is a free to use list maintained by volunteers. Only the team members add IPs to the list.

To get unlisted you must first create a free account ask for removal.

Last Accessed
2020-11-01 05:00 (UTC) 
Last Checked
When we last checked 54 minutes ago we found that it was not responding to queries. It was last working on 2020-11-25 09:21
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History for (Last 10 Days)

We keep some statistics on blacklists. Below is the graph for We test blacklists by asking them to respond to known IP's that are blacklisted and known IP's that can't be blacklisted. Not every blacklist has such IP's, we test them with what is possible. We keep if we get any response or error messages and the response duration. Lower response times are better. These statistics may be useful for email server administrators to pick which blacklist to use.

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