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DNSBLs to be precise.

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What are blacklists?

DNSBLs (DNS-based Blackhole List, a.k.a RBL: Real-time Blackhole List) are lists of IP addresses publishing possible spamming IP addresses. You can learn more about DNSBLs here.

What do you do?

We regularly check blacklists with the IP addresses you give us to see if they are blacklisted. If they are listed we alert you. We also provide regular reporting and statistics about the checks.


  • 365 days of monitoring.
  • Currently monitoring 129 DNSBLs.
  • Statictics for the whole duration.
  • Unlimited alerts to unlimited contacts to be alerted.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Reverse DNS monitoring and history. New!


per year, per IP

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