Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

We monitor if the IP addresses you give us is listed on DNSBLs (a.k.a RBLs). We check each DNSBL daily and alert you if any of the IPs you want monitored get listed.

What are blacklists/DNSBLs/RBLs?

DNSBLs (DNS-based Blackhole List, a.k.a RBL: Real-time Blackhole List) are lists of IP addresses published through Domain Name Servers which are mostly used to publish the IP addresses of computers or networks found to be spamming. Mail servers can be configured to reject emails sent from the IP addresses listed in these "blacklists". This article on Wikipedia is a great source to begin with.

So you are helping spammers to help monitor their IPs?

Absolutely not! We hate spammers and spamming as much as every decent person. This service is for network maintainers that try to keep their networks free of SPAM. Besides regularly spamming networks are destined to be constantly listed on blacklists.

If so what is this good for?

Decent non-spamming IPs can unintentially get listed on DNSBLs due to viruses, trojen attacks, hackers or simply because of misconfiguration. When this happens mail servers reject the mail sent from these IPs, causing unwanted loss of service. Because of possible spamming from your IP precious network resources are misused without even you knowing.


We monitor your IPs and inform you if you ever get listed. You become aware of the problem before phones start to ring and can take the necessary actions to get unlisted.

How do you alert?

We can email you or send a message through GTalk. You can add multiple contacts to be alerted in case of a listing.

Do you alert only when the IP(s) get listed?

No. We can also alert you if your IP is still listed or gets unlisted. We can also send weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reports. You chose what to get.

Which DNSBLs do you monitor?

Here is the complete DNSBL list we monitor.

How long does it take to be alerted after my IPs get listed?

Because we check daily you will be notified at most within 24 hours after your IP gets listed.

Isn't 24 hours too long?

We find this to be an optimal duration and there is a highly chance that you will be informed much sooner then 24 hours.

What's the thing with rDNS?

rDNS is the reverse mapping of you IP address, usually your domain name. We monitor your IP addresses rDNS for changes and alert you if it gets changed. A change in your rDNS may effect your services.

How much does this cost?

Pricing is straight $4.95 per year per IP. Only 41c per month!

What if I don't like it?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee, just inform us.

Help me! My IP is listed on one of the blacklists.

We don't give assistance on removal. Removal from lists are done by the list maintainers and on their terms. We suggest that you check out their site. But we will inform you once you get unlisted.

I have lots of IPs to monitor. Any discounts?

Contact us if you are trying to monitor more than 20 IPs.

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