Blacklist in detail:

This blacklist is marked as "shut down" and non-operational as of 2006-12-31. BLalert won't be monitoring this DNSBL after 2006-12-31. More details may be found in the description.


The ANTISPAM-UFRJ is a realtime database with the mission to supply the Mail Transport Agents (MTA) of the hosts in the PADS and in others networks with the most recent information about open-relay hosts, spammers hosts or dialup machines on the Internet.

Our IP/DIALUP List (DUINV) was discontinued due some reasons:

  1. Our new project GNU LibAntispam give more efficient tools to discovery possibles IP/DIALUP/DYNAMIC machines.
  2. The maintenance of very large IP/DIALUP lists become impraticable due the dynamism of the Internet networks.
  3. Without the cooperation of the Internet Service Provides (ISP), is impossible maintain the IP/DIALUP list updated. Unfortunately, just few, very few, of its really collaborate so that list of dynamic IPs stay updated.

We strongly recommended that you don't use IP/DIALUP list anymore! Use the last stable release of LibAntispam (1.1.0 or up) to have a more efficient method to discovery non-wanted IP/DIALUP/DYNAMIC machines.

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