Blacklist in detail:

This blacklist is marked as "shut down" and non-operational as of 2015-05-20. BLalert won't be monitoring this DNSBL after 2015-05-20. More details may be found in the description.

Russian Dial-up User List(DUL) system IPv4

As noted on Al Iverson's blog has been set to "wildcard" status in DNS meaning it is effectively "listing the world;". It looks like the domain has been put up for sale.

Dial-up User List is a database for the dial-up users IP addresses. Addresses are provided by ISPs. The purpose of maintaining such a database is to provide technical possibility to recognize e-mail sent directly by dial-up users (thus by-passing ISPs mail server).

If you think your IP address should not be in zone or it got there by mistake, contact you ISP. If your provider agrees with you, he can send us a mail to , in this case your IP will be deleted from zone.

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