Blacklist in detail:

This blacklist is marked as "shut down" and non-operational as of 2017-10-01. BLalert won't be monitoring this DNSBL after 2017-10-01. More details may be found in the description. IPBL IPv4

This list is maintained by Thoroquel Systems LLC from Columbus, Ohio. The list has been initially created for their personal use but now is in public beta. They do not recommend using it directly to block connections.

IP's are added to the list if they send out bulk mail, do not honor unsubscribes and send to SPAM traps. If neceesary the list will contain a CIDR if the SPAM is being sent out from a large number of IPs.

Delisting is possible if you meet their critaria. The list of things to be carefull during requests is listed on their website.

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