Blacklist in detail:

Anonymous Postmasters Early Warning System IPv4

APEWS is a list of areas on the Internet which several system administrators, ISP postmasters, and other service providers have assembled and use to deny email and in some cases, all network traffic from.

This private list is now available for the general public to read and/or use for email filtering.

This list is frequently criticized that it is listing way too many IP addresses and that servers using it are expected to cause many false positive blockings. More criticism can be found on this blog post.

If your IP is listed on it is most probably caused by some other IP addresses on your network block. Most of the time it is just not possible to fix every IP on every block. Therefore it may be more convenient to ask the administrator of the blocking server to consider removing this DNSBL from his/her filters.

Example Response Message
Listed at APEWS-L2 - visit
Last Accessed
2024-05-19 21:30 (UTC) 
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