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Realtime Open-Relays Verifying Engine Database List (ORVEDB) IPv4

Realtime Open-Relays Verifying Engine Database List is one of the three realtime lists that ANTISPAM-UFRJ mantains. This list contains the dotted-quad IP numbers of the hosts that our Open-Relays Verifying Engine (ORVE) verified that are Open-Relays machines (Junkmailers).

A host listed here, unlike RSBL list, isn't necessarily a spammer host because hosts running an open-relay usually do it accidentally, for inexperience of its administrator(s).

Periodically, at every 90 days or when the remote host administrator(s) resquests, a new open-relay test is procceded. ORVE relay test is composed by 20 relay-tests, ONLY THE HOSTS THAT REFUSED ITS 20 RELAY-TESTS WILL IMMEDIATELY BE SET TO BE REMOVED FROM THE DATABASES, if one or other test reveal any suspicion, ORVE will wait 90 days to remove the remote host from our databases. If the relay-test message comes back to our ORVE intact, then the remote host won't be removed from our databases and a warning message will be send to its administrator(s).

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